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Enterprise License Application


Enterprise License

This license is issued to a corporate entity carrying out business in a Special Economic Zone.

Application Process

 1- Submission of Letter of Interest & SEZ Investment Project Proposal Form. Fill in and submit an SEZ Investment Project Proposal Form. The form should be attached to a letter of interest addressed to the SEZ Authority, together with supporting documents for reference such as a project concept note, business plan, pre-feasibility etc

2.  Formal Application. If the proposal is approved,  submit the following for review:

           i. Duly filled SEZ Enterprise License Application Form.

          ii. All Relevant supporting documents as listed on page 9 of the form

3. Issuance of an Approval in Principle Letter. If the application is approved, the Authority will issue an Approval in Principle Letter guiding on conditions to be fulfilled in order to sanction the issuance of an SEZ License. The conditions may include the following:

a) Incorporation of an SEZ Company and submission of an Incorporation Certificate, CR 12 Form, and KRA PIN of the newly incorporated SEZ company.

b) Submission of a NEMA Permit supported by a Report.

c) Submission of a detailed land-use plan.

d) Application for land allocation and obtaining a lease.

e) Fulfilling any other registration conditions given at this stage relating to business activity i.e., Submission of Pharmacy and Poisons Board approval, etc.

f) Payment of SEZA license fees.

4. Incorporation of New SEZ entity. Incorporation of the New SEZ Entity is carried out by the Business Registration Service (BRS)/ Registrar of Companies. SEZA issues a letter of No Objection to the BusinessRegistration Service (BRS) to enable investors to register/incorporate an SEZ company in Kenya.

5) Submit payment receipt and newly incorporated company incorporation documents to SEZA.

6) Obtain SEZ Enterprise Licence.

The license is issued to the newly Incorporated SEZ Company after payment of the Annual Licence fee of US$ 1,000 and fulfilling the conditions in the approval in principle letter.

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